15+ Free Multiplication Table Printable Charts And Worksheet

Maths can be hard for many students out there. It’s all about numbers, equations, formulas, and so on. But, if you have a strong base about the basics, then math can be a piece of cake for you. 
The fundamentals of mathematics are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You have to learn and ace these basics to do well in math.
Multiplication tables are one of the foundations of mathematics, so they are taught as basic level math. 
If you are looking for a multiplication table printable and free multiplication chart, then you have come to the right place. 
You can find printable times table charts for free, making your child’s practice sessions more enjoyable and memorable.

15+ Free Printable Multiplication Table Chart

Multiplication Table Charts are the study material that helps your child to learn multiplication more efficiently. 

These tables are found in their textbooks as well as you can buy them in stationery. But the tables in the textbooks are boring and congested whereas buying them can cost some pennies.

But, what if you can easily download colorful multiplication table charts and print them? It would look attractive for your child to learn from as well as it won’t cost you any extra money.
You can download this table and print times table charts or multiplication tables easily. 

You can find the multiplication table printable here.

Multiplication Table PDF

PDF is the portable documented file that is considered to be one of the most reliable files. 

You can download the file in pdf format. The tables can easily be transferred from one device to another.

You can find the multiplication table pdf here.


1. Multiplication Table Chart 1-100

Multiplication tables are essential for any math calculation. On top of that, the Multiplication tables of 1-100 are very important and are the basics.

So, if you are looking for this table, then you have come to the right place. It’s hard finding all the multiplication tables from 1-100 in one place.

You need to search them one by one, which can be a hassle and a waste of time.

You can find the entire multiplication table from 1-100 in one place. You can download 1-100 printable times table charts from here.


2. Multiplication Table Chart 1-12

The multiplication table from 1-12 is considered to be the foundation of the whole table system. So, your kid must ace these to be good at learning the multiplication tables.

If you are looking for study material to teach the multiplication table 1-12. Don’t worry. We have the printable times table chart 1-12 for free.

You can download the multiplication table 1-12 from here. The best part is that it comes with different designs such that your kid won’t be bored looking at the table.

The times table 1-12 is a free multiplication chart. It comes in PDF format, which is compatible with any device.You can download 1-12 multiplication table pdf from here.

Free Printable Multiplication Table 1 To 12 Calendar Template with regard to The Most Awesome and also Lovely Printable Multiplication Table 1 12 with regard to Home

3. Multiplication Table Chart 1-20

After acing the multiplication table 1-12, the kids proceed towards Multiplication table 1-20, which is the higher level of tables.

To be good at the higher multiplication table, the kid should ace the multiplication table 1-12. After that, they can easily ace the times table 1-20 as well.

The  printable times table chart 1-20 is available in pdf and for free. You can download a free multiplication chart from here.


4. Multiplication Table Chart 1-30

Multiplication tables are required from the primary level to higher secondary levels. Multiplications are the fundamentals of mathematics. It is needed to solve complex math problems.

Multiplication tables 1-30 are used in higher-level mathematics. The multiplication table levels up with the levels of the classes.

You would need the multiplication table 1-30 to solve the complex math problem. 

The multiplication charts are more focused on the kindergarten and primary school kids. So, higher-level multiplication tables are rare to find.

But, no worries. This is the one-stop for all the multiplication tables even if you are looking for the multiplication table for kids or for high school.

You can download the 1-20 multiplication table pdf from here. The printable times table chart 1-20 is completely free.


Printable Multiplication Table Chart in PDF

For Table 1
For Table 2
For Table 3
For Table 3
For Table 4
For Table 5
For Table 6
For Table 7
For Table 8
For Table 9
For Table 10

5. Multiplication Table Chart 1-50

Multiplication table 1-50 is required for advanced levels of math. You would need to use this table in high school.

It’s rare to find the multiplication table 1-50 online as most high schoolers use calculators to calculate the answers. 

But, there can be situations where you can’t use the calculator. In those cases, multiplication tables 1-50 come handy.

You can download the 1-50 free multiplication chart from here. The multiplication table printable comes in pdf format such that it is compatible with any device.


Multiplication Table For Kids

Most of the children are made to memorize the multiplication chart from 1-12 in elementary schools. 

These multiplication charts are essential, which helps solve complex math problems in the future.

So, are you looking for a good multiplication table that is free and printable for your kids to memorize? 

You can download the multiplication table pdf for kids from here.We have tables with good graphics and colors that would be more engaging for your child to learn.


Multiplication Table Worksheet

As we have said before, math is all about the basics. If you are good at basics, then math is just a piece of cake.

It’s essential for the kids to ace math basics to efficiently solve complex math problems later on. 

So, it is essential to check if they have understood or memorized the table. 

The children must memorize and understand the multiplication table to score good marks in math.

To test their multiplication table retention memory, you can use these multiplication table worksheets for free.

The kids can practice their multiplication skills in these worksheets. In this worksheet, you will need to multiply the two different digits and write the answer.

It is a decent exercise that would help your kids practice the table and retain it forever in your mind. You can get a blank multiplication table printable and a free multiplication chart from here.


Multiplication Table Games

When looking at a multiplication chart, students must memorize a vast amount of numbers. Math puzzles and games may make learning these critical math skills entertaining and engaging, which helps kids remember what they’ve learned.

  • Prodigy
    Take your children on a virtual adventure where they can learn and practice fundamental arithmetic topics without ever realizing it.
    A prodigy is a free tool that may let you teach multiplication charts, assign particular questions, and track student progress in real-time.
    Through an engaging story and a variety of features, the game keeps students interested in the information.
    All of the markings are taken care of for you. Reports can then reveal which topics children are having difficulty with.
    Every student receives a personalized learning experience from Prodigy, allowing them to practice their struggling abilities. All students can learn at their own pace as a result of this.
  • Speed testing and table races
    Students compete against the clock to solve as many equations as possible in this game.
    Give them a math worksheet with multiple columns of equations. Each column should have a different, entirely randomized multiplication table.
    For example, in the times’ table worksheet, one column will have only the three times table, while the next will contain the eight multiplication tables.
    Make sure the equations are scrambled so that children can’t just count up to obtain the answer. Instead, they’ll have to think critically because the solutions vary depending on whatever multiplication tables they’ve learned.
  •  Bingo for multiplication
    Multiplication bingo is a fun math game to play in class. To get started, you’ll need dice or a random number generator, as well as bingo sheets. The students will write the solutions of multiplication chart equations in a five-by-five grid on bingo sheets.
    You can either fill up the charts yourself or have students design their bingo sheets to engage them more.
    To get your equations, roll the dice or utilize a random number generator. The numbers on the bingo cards are then obtained by solving the equations.
    If students are working in groups, have them write the equations down so you can double-check their work.
    To get the initial number, roll a pair of dice and sum the values. Then roll the dice again, this time adding the values to get the number to multiply by.
    Finally, randomize two values from 1 to 12 for the random number generator and answer the equation.
    Students can check their bingo sheet for the value once they’ve solved the equation. Math Bingo Game is an excellent technique to encourage children to think critically rather than memorize facts.
  •  Multiply to the top
    Multiply to the top is a math game to test the multiplication skill of the student. This game focuses on who does the multiplication tables the fastest and most accurately.
    Students compete to determine who can answer questions the fastest by shuffling the complete 1-12 multiplication chart.
    The key is that if a student answers a question incorrectly, their climb is over. Thus, the game guarantees that students can answer as quickly as possible and ensure that their answers are correct.
    Make a visual board with an image of a mountain for children to look at. Then, depending on how far they got up the mountain, write their names. Students will enjoy vying to be the first to reach the summit.

Multiplication Table Tips And Tricks

Most of the kids feel hard to memorize the multiplication table. As we have said earlier, math is all about basics and you must be good at basics to ace the math. 

If your child is having a hard time memorizing the table. Don’t worry; We have some amazing effective methods for your child.

We’ll go through a 1-12 times table chart and show you tricks and tips for your kids to memorize and understand the multiplication table.

Tips for one times multiplication table
Anything multiplied by one remains the same. There is always just one set of numbers in these equations.
So 1 x 5 = 5, which means it is just one group of 5. 

Tips for two times multiplication table
Anything that is multiplied by two is doubled. Students can also take it as adding two numbers that are the same.
The number 6 x 2 is the same as the number 6+6.

Tips for three times multiplication table
It’s easy to memorize the multiplication table of 3 . As we have said before, multiplication is a shortcut for addition.
So, while doing multiplication of 3 and you happen to forget it. Just use the addition.

3 +3= 6 which means 3×2=6

Just add three to each number, and you will get your multiplication table for 3.

Tips for four  times multiplication table
So a number, when it is multiplied by four, means it’s double of double. So four is double of two. So, just double the multiplication of two.
8 × 4 becomes 8 + 8 = 16 → 16 +16 = 32.

Tips for five times multiplication table
One of the simplest multiplication tables to master is five. 

Teach children that the five-digit multiplication table always ends with 5, 0, 5, 0, 5, 0.

Even numbers multiplied by five will result in a zero, whereas odd numbers multiplied by five will result in a five.

Tips for six times multiplication table

When multiplying an even number by six, the answer always ends with the number multiplied by the last digit.
2 ×6 = 12 
74× 6 = 444

Regrettably, this method only works with even integers and not with odd ones.

Tips for seven times multiplication table

Here’s a quick way to multiply seven times eight. Counting upwards is the solution to seven times eight:
7× 8 = 56
Your children now have a new memory technique to aid them in memorizing their seven times tables.

Tips for eight times multiplication table
Double, double, and double some more!

Tips for nine times multiplication table
Although the nine multiplication table appears to be challenging to master, two methods might make it easier.

Multiplying by nine is equivalent to multiplying by 10 and then removing the remainder:
Alternatively, (10×5) – 5 = 50 – 5 = 45.
The second strategy is a hidden secret. Just write the numbers 0-1 and then write the same from down to way up. That’s it.

Tips for ten times multiplication table
Ten is probably the easiest multiplication table to memorize after 1. Just add zero to whatever you are multiplying. That’s it.
10 × 4 = 40     
10 × 7 = 70     
10 × 11 = 110   
10 × 123 = 1,230

Tips for eleven times multiplication table
Eleven is also an easy one to memorize. Just repeat the numbers you are multiplying with.
11×2 =22
11×4 =44

Tips for twelve times multiplication table

Split the twelve multiplication tables into two sections, ten and two, to make it easier. After that, combine them!
12 × 6 = ?
(10 × 6) + (2 × 6) = ?
60 + 12 = 72

Personal feedback

Most of the children find math hard as they progress through it. However, math is all about basics, and if you are good at the basics, math would be a piece of cake.

So, teachers and parents should focus on the basic math level as it is the math foundation. There are various math supplements available for free. In addition, you can use our free pdfs to teach math to your children or students.

The main thing about math is that you should have fun while doing math. But, unfortunately, most of the children are scared of math, and some even have math anxiety. But with proper supplements, you can teach math as a game.

Math is not just memorizing the formulas; it is understanding the basics. Once you can grasp the basics, math would be a duck soup.


A multiplication chart, often known as multiplication tables or times tables, is a simple approach to teach children how to multiply. These charts assist children in memorizing numerous multiplication equations so that they may provide rapid and correct responses.

Tables establish solid foundations in the minds of the brains. It assists students in solving any type of complicated maths issue and will be used in their entire maths journey.

These multiplication chart numbers must be learned beginning in primary school. Thus, in elementary school, a child’s foundation is formed by learning the fundamentals of numbers and multiplication chart tables.

Regular practice and undivided attention from parents and instructors are necessary to guarantee that the kid receives the best possible learning experience with the chart tables.